Steamship Agents Forwarders since 1887 - "A centennial tradition combined with modern expertise"

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opdoga Zaccaria & C. s.r.l. is specialized in all kinds of customs clearance operations and it can arrange delivery and storage of any type of goods. The Agency helps its clients to carry out the necessary bureaucratic formalities for international transportation of goods – importing, exporting, transit - guiding and advising them during the organizing phases from the documentation request to the goods final check. Zaccaria & C. s.r.l. has an operational structure that is able to satisfy every request of customs procedures and goods forwarding for import, export, T1 etc. The Forwarding Department is a continuous commitment for the company. The Company is able to:
1.Carry out customs operations for importing and exporting of goods;
2.Supply assistance to clients regarding issues related to the classification of goods, import and export bans and requests for ministerial licenses and permits;
3.Provide guidance about customs, VAT and foreign trade;
4.Accept payments on deferral and instalments basis;
5.Handle the Intra-EU (Intrastat) standard operating procedure ;
6.Manage on behalf of customers domiciled procedures;
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